Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 2009 Power Rankings

At the end of every month here at Bojay's, I will be posting the Major League Baseball Power Rankings as I see them.

The prevailing trend in sportswriting seems to be picking Power Rankings every week or every ten days. But I think every month is the way to go. If I had done Power Rankings after the first week: the Rays would have been ranked very high and the Padres very low.

I just find this to be more accurate.

30. Washington Nationals
I can't imagine them ever getting out of this spot all season. The "Natinals" need to start shopping: Adam Dunn, Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns, Josh Willingham, Ronnie Belliard, Scott Olsen and Christian Guzman sooner rather than later.

29. Houston Astros
Answer me this: what does an Astros fan have to be excited about? They are essentially down to a 4-man rotation, only one of which is good.....and no, I don't mean Wandy Rodriguez.

28. Los Angeles Angels
I hate to do it after all that this team has gone through but just look at that rotation. Ever heard of Shane Loux? No? Well that's their 3rd pitcher! I wasn't too high on this team going into the season but now they might actually be battling for 2nd in the division.
27. Oakland Athletics
The good news for Angels fans is that this is the team they are battling. Billy Beane had better be right about his young pitching because it is the Athletics only hope.

26. Milwaukee Brewers
Gallardo is looking like the Ace everyone thought he was. But after him it has been pretty ugly. I don't know why they had $100 million for CC but $0 for everyone else. If there is money in that front office, they should use it. This team can still compete.

25. Cleveland Indians
Hafner seems to be back and Martinez is unquestionably back and probably the best Catcher in baseball. Still its the pitching that is killing them (and that seems to be killing all the lower half-ranked teams). More 6-7 innings are needed from the starters so the bullpen doesn't have an opportunity to blow the game.

24. Colorado Rockies
Don't look now but Matt Holliday's replacement in LF, Seth Smith has a .961 OPS.

23. New York Mets
Johan is doing everything he can to win the Cy Young. And the scary part is that he is always better in the second half.

22. Arizona Diamondbacks
I think there were more problems with the starting rotation than most people realized. And now that Brandon Webb is out, things are only going to get worse.

21. Philadelphia Phillies
A sluggish start is nothing to be worried about, especially for the defending World Champs. But it might hurt my prediction that the Phils will be a powerhouse all year.

20. Minnesota Twins
They cannot panic and bring Mauer back too soon.

19. Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles seem to be right in line with what I thought they'd be: young, inexperienced but not incompetent.

18. Tampa Bay Rays
The fact that they started out strong tells me that they're still for real. Don't worry about this recent tailspin. Evan Longoria might thrust his name into conversation for best player in the League by the time this season is over.

17. Texas Rangers
DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. THE. RANGERS. The AL West is now the worst division in baseball I believe. 85 wins may take this thing. Now doesn't that high-powered Rangers offense look good for 80-85 wins?

16. San Francisco Giants
Pablo Sandoval doesn't look like an All-Star. And that in and of itself might be enough to crush the Giants' playoff hopes.

15. Atlanta Braves
They overpaid for their pitching, but at least its better. Jorge Campillo is going to start doing more for them as well.

14. Chicago White Sox
They've been the definition of mediocre so far. But Carlos Quentin hasn't.

13. Seattle Mariners
The AL West may be awful, but I do think you can sleep on them. Even if King Felix and Erik Bedard are themselves, they just won't score enough Runs.

12. Detroit Tigers
I am worried I may have overlooked the Fielding factor on this team. They are so absurdly better on defense this year than last that it might be good for 10 more wins.

11. Cincinatti Reds
They can't keep this up. Not without a half-decent Edinson Volquez.

10. San Diego Padres
I am going out on a limb. Heath Bell in his prime will be better than Trevor Hoffman in his prime. 

9. Pittsburgh Pirates
They've showed their fans something at least. They can't keep this up but maybe they can crawl out the NL Central. (Most of) That pitching is not a mirage.

8. Chicago Cubs
They may be winning but they are not looking good doing it. Milton Bradley is batting .043.

7. Kansas City Royals
It is shocking how much of a difference Coco Crisp has made at the top of the line-up. And who knew David DeJesus could carry the load of a #3 hitter? If Bannister and Davies continue their excellence, the Royals will not spend a day out of 1st place this season.

6. New York Yankees
With A-Rod back in that line-up and in that new wind tunnel of a stadium, the Yanks will probably have the most high-powered offense in baseball.

5. Boston Red Sox
They are essentially doing all of this without Big Papi and Dice-K. They will be 1st in these rankings before you know it.

4. St. Louis Cardinals
They are good, but not this good. Kudos to Ryan Ludwick to coming out of the gate strong. Boos to Rick Ankiel for not performing when Coby Rasmus is breathing down your neck.

3. Toronto Blue Jays
They are the mirror image of themselves from last year: awesome hitting, awful pitching. Something has to give...and I think that awesome hitting is going to start falling off.

2. Florida Marlins
Are they for real? In a word: Yes. In 7 words: You bet your sweet ass they are.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers
The hottest team in baseball right now. Call me crazy but I still think that rotation holds up.

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mark cunningham said...

HAHAHA.....your 21st ranked team swept the #2 Marlins! Are they for real? Two words -- no, OVERRATED!